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EP39 (Part 1) Five Don’ts For Investors By Philip Fisher

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The content of this episode was from Philip Fisher’s book (Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits: https://amzn.to/2QRM7mR)

This episode covers Philip Fisher’s advice on the five things that investors shouldn’t do.

  1. Don’t buy into promotional companies
  2. Don’t ignore a good stock just because it is traded “over the counter”
  3. Don’t buy a stock just because you like the tone of its annual report
  4. Don’t assume that the high price at which a stock may be selling in relation to earnings is necessarily an indication that further growth in those earnings has largely been already discounted in the price
  5. Don’t quibble over eighths and quarters

EP23 Why Spin-offs are Good For Value Investors by Joel Greenblatt

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A legendary value investor, Joel Greenblatt, explains why value investors should pay special attention to spin-off stocks.  This episode covers the four points that make the spin-offs very attractive investments for individual value investors.

  • The shares of the new spin-off stock are distributed to the existing shareholders of the parent company who usually don’t want the shares.
  • The spin-off companies are usually small in size, and are not worth for institutional investors.
  • The spin-off event unleashes entrepreneurial forces and creates a better incentive and reward system
  • The very act of the spin-off decision by the executive team is a good indication that the executive team is shareholder-oriented

The future episodes will cover the details of what factors you need to look at to identify great spin-off stocks.

More details could be found from this book (You Can Be a Stock Market GENIUS).

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EP13 Six Investment Criteria By Warren Buffett

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This episode covers the following six criteria that Warren Buffett checks when acquiring businesses, and I further discuss how you can apply the Buffett’s criteria into your investment strategy as an individual investor.

  1. Large purchases (at least $75 million of pre-tax earnings unless the business will fit into one of our existing
  2. Demonstrated consistent earning power (future projections are of no interest to us, nor are “turnaround”
  3. Businesses earning good returns on equity while employing little or no debt,
  4. Management in place (we can’t supply it),
  5. Simple businesses (if there’s lots of technology, we won’t understand it),
  6. An offering price (we don’t want to waste our time or that of the seller by talking, even preliminarily, about a
    transaction when price is unknown)

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