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EP40 (Part 2) Five More Don’ts For Investors by Philip Fisher

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The content of this episode was from Philip Fisher’s book (Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits: https://amzn.to/2QRM7mR)

We continue to discuss five more mistakes by investors that Philip Fisher mentioned in his book.

  1. Don’t overstress diversification
  2. Don’t forget your Gilbert and Sullivan
  3. Dont be afraid of buying on a war scare
  4. Don’t fail to consider time as well as price in buying a true growth stock
  5. Don’t follow the crowd

EP23 Why Spin-offs are Good For Value Investors by Joel Greenblatt

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A legendary value investor, Joel Greenblatt, explains why value investors should pay special attention to spin-off stocks.  This episode covers the four points that make the spin-offs very attractive investments for individual value investors.

  • The shares of the new spin-off stock are distributed to the existing shareholders of the parent company who usually don’t want the shares.
  • The spin-off companies are usually small in size, and are not worth for institutional investors.
  • The spin-off event unleashes entrepreneurial forces and creates a better incentive and reward system
  • The very act of the spin-off decision by the executive team is a good indication that the executive team is shareholder-oriented

The future episodes will cover the details of what factors you need to look at to identify great spin-off stocks.

More details could be found from this book (You Can Be a Stock Market GENIUS).

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EP19 Bank Analysis (Part 2): Financial Statements

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I will create three episodes to explain the basics of analyzing bank stocks which are a black box to many investors. This episode covers how you can analyze banks’ financial statements (balance sheet and income statement), which are vastly different from the financial statements in non-financial companies.  The next episode will cover the steps that you can follow to identify undervalued bank stocks.

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