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EP17 Capital Allocation Policy (Reinvesting, Dividends, vs. Share-repurchases)

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This episode covers how management’s decision on capital allocation policy can greatly affect the value of your investment in the long term.  Earnings/capital can be allocated in various ways. Warren Buffet mentioned in his shareholder letters as to when it makes sense to use one option vs. the other.  Later, I discuss how you can get a hint of whether the management team acts in the best interest of long-term shareholders.

The following capital allocation options are discussed in this episode.

  • Reinvested back into the business to maintain the current operation
  • Reinvested back into the business to grow the business
  • Used to acquire other businesses via M&A deals
  • Parked and invested in marketable securities such as Treasury Bills
  • Distributed to shareholders in the form of dividends
  • Distributed to shareholders through share-repurchase program

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